Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dona Nobis Pacem #BlogBlast4Peace 2018

Today is Blog For Peace day, an annual day for using the power of blogs (and other media) to express the hope for peace -
on this planet
in our speech
within our hearts

May our nation's violence and  strife end soon. Words matter. Use your words for kindness and peace - not just for those like you, but for the Other, the Stranger, the Opponent, the Foreigner. We may not always agree, but - 
We are all human. We are one. 

For templates and info on how to join in, please visit

Monday, October 29, 2018

No Tricks, Just Treats

While we were away on our long trip, visiting our peeps and traveling through three states, Toby was helping bring a little joy to shelter dogs.

I'm joining Rosy, Arty, and Jakey in their No Tricks, Just Treats Blog Hop (a teeny bit late). They're giving 50 cents/comment and $1/post to a shelter. Pretty awesome, isn't it? For the hop, we are all describing ways we can help our local homeless pets. Check out all the links below! 

Toby has a subscription to BarkBox and he's in the Extra Toy Club. While we were gone, his BarkBoxes were sent to a local no-kill animal shelter. 

It was easy to do. I just had to change the shipping address on the 'subscription' page of the website. If your dog subscribes to BarkBox or a similar service, maybe you'd like to donate your shipments to a local shelter too.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Camping Dog

We took to the road for the entire month of September for a long camping trip that was months in the planning. Our minivan was crammed to the gills.

But Toby still had his little throne to sit upon.

And in the campsites he enjoyed being off the rocks in his Quik Shade bed.

Fall Creek Falls State Park

We hiked into some incredibly beautiful scenery throughout the trip. Sometimes we had a lake view for lunch all to ourselves.

Crystal Falls, Pickett State Park
A few times we discovered waterfalls of incredible beauty.

The Tunnel, John Muir Trail, Pickett State Forest

Sand Cave, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

 We ventured through dark tunnels and caves.

Mammoth Cave National Park

 And climbed steep Appalachian mountains to view misty valleys and forests.

White Rocks, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

The leaves began to change as the season transitioned to autumn.

Louisville, Kentucky

 Other times,  we visited cities, to escape bad weather (thanks Florence and Michael) or to visit family. 

Aviation Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky

And Toby and I hung out and took long walks while Ted learned all about his favorite libation on the famous Bourbon Trail.

Evan Williams Distillery, Louisville, Kentucky

Toby even got his paws into three states at once - Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia!

Tri-State Peak, Cumberland Gap NHP
Toby's glad to be home - mostly - but maybe he's dreaming of his hiking adventures.  Hopefully there will be many more.

Home Sweet Home

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