Books For Dog Lovers

If you're visiting this blog, chances are you like reading stories about dogs. These are some of my favorites. 
Enjoy, and if you have a recommendation for me please let me know!

Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard. What if your dog and your husband both died of cancer within a month, and you were sadder about the dog? Nothing is depressing, or predictable, about this page-turner. Introverted loner Jane is one of most fully developed characters you'll find in fiction of any genre. Rescue Me Maybe draws you in fast and doesn't let go. 

Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote. The very best dog book I've ever read. Hands down. 

House Trained, by Jackie Bouchard

Dog Crazy, by Meg Donahue

Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye. Gracie is the mascot/inspiration for the all natural dog treat company he founded.

Until Tuesday by Luis Carlos Montalvan. Heroic author - moving story of how a service dog helps this wounded warrior get his life and self-esteem back. 

'Murphy' A Message to Dog Lovers by Ernest Gambier Parry. Set in another place, a long time ago. Man and dog bonds are timeless.

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson. The author is blind and saved himself and many others during 9/11 because of his service dog.

One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst

Timbuktu: A Novel by Paul Auster. Fiction, but brilliant rendering of the loyalty and point of view of a dog who is the companion animal of a highly intelligent homeless man.

A Dog Named Slugger by Leigh Brill. Author has cerebral palsy and Slugger made college, marriage, etc. possible (one of her first dates with future husband is to play fetch with the dog).

The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Classic, still moving and great literature to boot. 

White Fang by Jack London. Sort of the "opposite" of The Call of the Wild, and just as absorbing.

Pukka's Promise by Ted Kerasote. Many people responded to his love story Merle's Door by sharing their own dog loves and asking him why their beloved dogs die so young.The story of his personal search for a new canine partner is deeply enmeshed with the facts revealed by the  modern science of dogs.

A Dog Named Boo, Lisa J. Edwards. Boo is a special dog in that he has unique gifts as a therapy dog, and he is also "special" as in special needs. He was a finalist for Delta Society's 2008 Beyond Limits award. Is his power a result of his disability, or in spite of it? 

Dog Sense, John BradshawAre dogs pack members waiting for an opportunity to steal top dog status from their owners? Are they just tame little wolves? Do they feel the same emotions humans do? How does emotion influence learning and training? These are only a few of the questions that John Bradshaw, an animal behaviorist, answers with the most up-to-date research into canine science.

The Stolen Dog, Tricia O'Malley.  Tricia O'Malley and her 
husband Josh had their Boston Terrier, Briggs, stolen in broad daylight. The Stolen Dog is the true story of the O'Malley's ordeal. The Stolen Dog is an absorbing, suspenseful read. O'Malley shares the raw emotions of terror and loss while maintaining her resolve to find her dog, no matter the cost. I couldn't stop thinking about The Stolen Dog when I finished reading.


  1. I think this list is great!

  2. I'm always looking for great doggie reads! I came across M.K. Clinton's "The Returns" book series about the adventures of several humans returned to Earth in K9 bodies. Very cute & fun books!

  3. I just ordered "The Returns" for my daughter, but I'll be reading it first, I'm sure. Thanks for a great list. LB Johnson - Author of "The Book of Barkley" (Amazon and Barnes and Noble Nook)

  4. Thanks so much for including Rescue Me, Maybe on your list! I see some books here I need to check out! (I also love Amazing Gracie!)

  5. wow, this is some thing outstanding thing to see, love it. Lost and found

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