Therapy Dog

I started this blog originally because I couldn't find personal anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of raising a puppy and aspiring to be a therapy dog team. Since then my blog has expanded into daily doings and photos as well as a place for me to publish my thoughts about family, wildlife, pets, and conservation.
SO - this page is an easy reference for anyone out there who wants to focus on posts about Toby's journey into pet therapy. Unfortunately Toby developed a shyness of strangers during the course of our journey together (see A Shy Therapy Dog?). We are  no longer working as a therapy dog team. 

1. Welcome!
2. Those Teeth!
3. Toby and I Start our First Lessons
4. Toby goes to Kindergarten for Dogs
5. Come When Called
6. Take It or Leave It
7. Wish Us Luck!
8. Today's the Big Day!
9. Success for Toby
10. Graduation Day (from puppy kindergarten)
11. Toby's a Licensed Therapy Dog!
12. Therapy Dog Audition
13. First Therapy Dog Visit
14. A Shy Therapy Dog?
15. If It's Monday, I Must Be At The Hospital

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