Wednesday, June 10, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life: "Race"

The other day little Veladora and Amber joined Toby, Ted, and me for a walk at the Arboretum. This urban park looks deceptively like woodland trails. And while a little trot may not look like racing, for Vela it was a big victory as she finished the 'last lap' of a 2 mile walk on her leash.

Vela was brought to the clinic where my daughter Amber works a few weeks ago. She is about 7 months old and was a scared and skinny "stray", but from her behavior we think she was more likely an "abandon". Now she is living a dog's life - treats, sofa time, doggy day care, prescription dog food, fenced back yard…from the streets to Princess. All because a stranger saw her and cared enough to try to at least get her off the street.


Vela loves to give kisses and has the sweetest, warmest personality. She melts hearts everywhere she goes. 

Vela is terrified of the leash and of going out the front door (the back yard is fine). She shakes and flattens herself to the cement. The reason lies somewhere in her mysterious troubled past. Billy and Amber are working patiently to build her confidence. They're hikers and are looking to the day she can join them on the trails. 

So far, the best cure for whatever keeps Vela from enjoying a walk has been Toby. With Toby by her side Vela trotted happily along. She even let Ted hold the leash for a while. 

For the 52 Snapshots challenge word "race", here's Vela finishing her first-ever 2 mile walk on a leash. Just imagine you hear cheers and see a checkered flag waving.

52 Snapshots of Life is a weekly photo challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull. Join in! There's a link on the sidebar to the right.


  1. what a wonderfully happy ending and time and love will see her learn what she needs to know

  2. What a sweetie. Love to see a "mean streets to easy street" story! I'm sure her confidence will continue to grow!

  3. Hooray!!!!!!!! Vela is so lucky that your daughter is showing her the love she may have never known.

    1. Haha and my son-in-law is completely head-over-heels for her!

  4. such a great story so happy for that pup

    retro rover


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