Friday, November 11, 2016

On Veteran's Day

This week an election cycle uniformly characterized as ugly, divisive, demeaning, bitter, and depressing came to an end with the election of our next President. I am one of those whose candidate didn't win. Since Tuesday there have been violent protests in the streets and calls for the cancellation of the electoral college by the losers. Viciousness and bullying have been displayed by the winners. 

Only two Presidents, George Washington and James Monroe, have ever been unopposed when they ran for our highest office. In every other election, some portion of the electorate was disappointed, perhaps even angered. Sometimes apocalyptic catastrophe was predicted for our country; Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln come to mind. 

But the wonder of our government is that power transitions peacefully and we still function as a United States. Then, four years later, another election takes place and the people again decide. 

On Veteran's Day we have a grave responsibility honor our Constitution and the soldiers who have fought and died to protect it. Now is the time for resolve that no matter what, we will keep the torch of democracy alive, and pass that torch on to the generations that will follow us. 

Peaceful protest and political opposition are treasured freedoms that our Bill of Rights protects. However, attempting to negate the fair and open election of our next President undermines the foundation of our democracy. 

There will be another election in four years. In the meantime, as always, our veterans' sacrifices are in vain unless We the People can muster the maturity and patience to be patriots. Upholding the democratic election of a President is essential on Veteran's Day and every day. 


  1. thanks to all who were there to protect freedom... and thanks to you for a great post

  2. I agree very well spoken. I wont lie I am very upset with the results of this election, but I am hoping president trump will prove me wrong

    1. Me too. My emotions are a real mess right now.



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