Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Best Planet Of Them All

Today, Earth Day, people everywhere celebrate our beautiful blue planet, the best, most diverse, most interesting and complex and lively planet imaginable.

Graphic Credit: Zoolatry

There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day. Dogs can choose to sleep - especially on a rainy Earth Day.

But humans should open their eyes wide and take action on Earth Day. There are so many ways to help our planet and show how much we care about it:

  • participate in a cleanup
  • spend the day at a National or State Park
  • plant a tree or two…or ten
  • read "The Lorax" with a child you love
  • do some research into an environmental issue that interests you
  • visit an AZA certified zoo or aquarium and find out what they do for conservation (trust me, they will be thrilled to tell you)
  • well, it goes on, leave your ideas in the comments!
As for me, I chose to attend a satellite March for Science in Norfolk, Virginia. It was fun and I truly believe the numbers of people globallywho marched sent a clear message that people want politicians to use data and evidence to create policies that will keep our planet healthy.

Fact. There is no planet B. There isn't going to be in time for some giant science fiction exodus of humanity. 

The Norfolk March was attended by about a thousand people. It ended at a local brewery, who blocked off their parking lot for a huge Earth Day party with two bands, food trucks, vendors, and of course plenty of beer (beer=science you know). Science people are just so much fun.
There were so many great signs - and shirts!
Turnout was fantastic. Look how far back down the street the crowd extends!
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - The Lorax, Dr. Seuss

Whatever you did for Earth Day, I hope it was fun and expanded your love for our planet. It really is the best one of them all.
Happy Earth Day from Amy and Toby

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flower Friday: For Dory

Dory was the star of Flower Friday, though she allowed the other pups supporting roles. 

Flower Friday this week is a tribute to Dory and her mom. Dory passed away recently. All of us with pet blogs who enjoyed seeing the bouquets offered weekly on Flower Friday hope this hop will bring some comfort to Dory's Mom at a sad time. 
"People from a planet without flowers...

would think we must be mad with joy...

the whole time...

to have such things...

...about us."

- by Iris Murdoch

Saturday, April 15, 2017

{This Moment} See Beautiful: Good Dogs, Good Work

Today's See Beautiful hop is to honor Sugar the Golden Retriever. I published my tribute to Sugar on March 23 but still wish to be part of Seeing Beautiful. If you missed the tribute, please click here.

Sugar was always keeping her family company. Somehow there was always a dog-friendly adventure in store, and I don't know another dog that was as inseparable from her people. 

In Toby's case that sometimes means supervising us while we do our chores. Some are bigger than others!

This weekend's chore was a whopper. Ted had 10 yards of mulch delivered. A small mountain appeared in the driveway yesterday. I procrastinated by taking some "before" pictures. Soon, though, I'd be on my hands and knees, spreading mulch carefully around each tree and flower.

Eight hours later we called it a day. We were almost done but just too tired to finish up. This morning we put our filthy work clothes back on. Thankfully, in about 1 1/2 hours we were done. 

It can be beautiful to work very hard and then enjoy the benefits of your labor for months to come. After a shower, I took some "after" photos.
"Not a bad job, guys. I must have supervised well."
The shade garden is looking like a garden now!
I love having a beautiful yard, being surrounded by flowers and trees. I love to listen to the bees buzzing on their rounds and the birds singing. I love this time of year, when all I have to do is walk out the door to see beautiful.
Our lawn is carpeted with pink petals.

That's what Sugar and her family did, and were so generous to share it with us all.

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