Monday, June 4, 2018

World Oceans Week!

For lovers of Earth Day - the festivities continue with World Oceans Week!!!

To get you in a festive mood, here is a tale of good news for aquatic creatures.

The Good News!

1. Crabbers in Long Island were drowning countless numbers of terrapins…until Carl LoBue got results! 

Photo Credit: Cool Green Science Blog

He was acting director of the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation's Marine Crustacean Unit.  In the late 90's he became aware of the carnage and fought within his agency for turtle excluder devices to be required on crab pots. He lost because:

a) Crabbers fought hard against the devices.
b) The state offered wildlife permits to hunt and sell unlimited numbers of terrapins for their meat, an argument against their protection.
Photo Credit: Cool Green Science Blog

That was that…until 2014. Now LoBue was employed by The Nature Conservancy as N.Y. Oceans Program Director. When the issue arrived on his desk in 2014, he was ready to try again…this time with a game plan that included science, dialogue, and collaboration.

..AND "for the first time this year there will be no directed harvest of diamondback terrapins anywhere in New York, and terrapin excluders will be required on crab traps in prime habitats."  
- Matthew L. Miller. Cool Green Science Blog

How will you show the oceans some love this week?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

What If Christmas Arrived Once A Month?

It does - for Toby!

"Santa Paws" signed him up to get a BarkBox every month. It's a pretty great day when the BarkBox shows up at the door. Every month has a theme. For April, the theme was PIRATES. Toys and treats were included…and a pirate bandana just for the fun of it!


And since Toby is in the Extra Toy Club, he had a toy to share with his best pal, Vela!

We saved "Bob in a Barrel", far right, for Vela.

Hey, ho! The pirate life is the life for me!
He gets lots of treats in each box too, so a bag of those went to Trudie, our grandchildren's pooch.

Never had this before, but it's good.

If you are thinking about trying a BarkBox for your furry friend, you can click here for my referral link. Toby and I would love to hear from you if you decide to give it a try...

What will this month's theme be?!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celebrate Earth Day - I Challenge You To #StopSucking!

Happy Earth Day! How will you celebrate it?

There are lots of ways to help the planet on Earth Day. But - 

When I thought about the plastic waste in the ocean, 

when I remembered the stuff I pick up in the neighborhood with Toby, when I considered
the dumbest, most wasteful things we do…

#StopSucking. Straws.

That's right. Think about it - do you need a straw to drink a glass of water in the middle of the night? To enjoy a glass of wine? To drink juice at breakfast? Why do you, a grownup, need a straw?In America alone we use 500,000 straws per day. Yes, a billion every two days. It's not a typo. 

So click here: 
to accept my challenge to quit the straw addiction.
(It's a personal link via Lonely Whale Foundation and helps keep track of how many of you accept my challenge.)

You will probably have to tell your server when you order in restaurants that you don't want a straw in your drink. 

But wait - sometimes you DO need a straw! Smoothies. The movie theatre. Right? So consider buying a reusable straw. Yep, that's a thing. 

Click the photo to learn more.

Thank you for accepting the challenge to StopSucking  and for ALL the ways you help the planet for Earth Day.

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