Saturday, September 24, 2016

Greenies from!

This month sent us Greenies to review.  After that review I have a personal experience to share about's customer service.

Greenies dental treats are "powerfully good" for oral health according to the package, and Toby loved them. 

Four benefits of a daily Greenies treat are:

  • fights tartar buildup and plaque
  • freshens breath
  • maintains healthier teeth and gums
  • naturally helps clean teeth. 

I read the fine print of the ingredients list on the package. Honestly it reads more like a vitamin and mineral supplement to me. That's not a bad thing, I just expected to see mint, chlorophyll,  or some other natural breath freshener. 

I didn't notice Toby's breath changing - it always smells a little fishy to me. And a single package of 12 treats isn't enough to say for sure whether his teeth and gums are healthier. What I can say is that Toby thinks they are delicious, so he verifies the claim that they have "irresistible taste". 

He got a little bossy about getting one in the morning after his breakfast. If you don't already use dental treats to help with plaque and tartar, Greenies from are certainly worth a try!
"Nom nom nom!"

Gotta find every little crumb of my Greenies.

I have personally experienced the excellent customer service from I placed an order for a bag of food and a toy last week using a coupon code they sent in the mail. The credit card they had on file was from an old order, and we've switched numbers. I didn't think about that before placing the order but when I looked at the email receipt, I realized my mistake. Right away I changed my account information and sent customer service an email to explain the situation.

I had a reply in less than two hours:

"Thanks for reaching out to us! Upon digging up [your order] I do see that it was charged to the [wrong card]. Since we are unable to change a payment method once an order has processed, I've cancelled it for you, which you'll be receiving email confirmation of shortly. I've reinstated the order on the [new card], which you'll also be receiving email confirmation of. Your new order will ship out today, and reach your doorstep either tomorrow or Wednesday.
If you need anything else, give us a bark! We're here 24/7 to lend a helping paw. :)"

Amazing - the whole problem taken care of with courtesy, without any additional effort for me, and the order was indeed on the porch the next day. Don't know about you, but that's the best customer service I've gotten in a long time.

So now more than ever, I can highly recommend for readers of Terra Toby! Have your pet products shipped right to your door with free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49. They carry food, toys, treats, grooming supplies, beds, etc. for all pets, so you are sure to find what you want for your animal friends. Click here to check's site out!

I was sent a free bag of Greenies from for Toby to try in return for an honest review. No other compensation was provided in return for my review. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#Wordless Wednesday (almost): Saving Butterflies From Drowning

Thanks to the circulating remnants of a tropical storm that is stalled over us by its collision with a cold front, we have had two solid days of rain and wind.

"I'm not getting a walk today either, am I?"


The timing could not be worse for our monarchs. We moved the aquarium from the safety of the gazebo on Sunday. Shaded and somewhat protected by the vines growing over the pergola, the plan was to unseal and open the lid so butterflies could fly away after hatching. (I need help to move such a large aquarium). 

Instead I'm propping umbrellas over the lid and waking up all night to see if they've blown away. A few times they had. I knew water was getting in through the tiny gaps that let air in but kept caterpillars from escaping.

Growing wings, but not ready to fly away yet.

This morning the water had submerged the lowest chrysalis. The caterpillar had chosen the outside of a little jar, only a few inches above the aquarium floor. I rushed to rescue it, and I think in my haste I knocked a few more off the lid into the water. All of those came inside. 

The loose chrysalises are pinned onto a knife block. Are they all still alive? None have turned black yet so they aren't ready for hatching. Do they sense the inclement weather? Does it affect their metamorphosis? All of these are unknowns.

For now, all I can do is keep the umbrellas over their tiny green homes and hope for the best.

Joining Wordless Wednesday, sponsored by BlogPaws…just adding words :/

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hungry Mouths

In addition to ourselves, Ted and I feed a few other creatures…

Oops - put suet on the grocery list...
…right after dog treats.
We have a few fish too. An almost-full can of fish food went into Toby's gullet last week. *sigh*
 But for two weeks now, we've had a number of other hungry mouths to feed. Twenty-two were in the first wave of monarch caterpillars. A week later we had nine more!

So, as the first group became chrysalises, the second was voracious with a lot of growing to do. I was worried about our four little milkweeds having enough leaves for them!

Thankfully, today they've started looking for spots to attach and pupate. 

Our decimated milkweeds made it to the finish line - barely.

"May I join you?"
 And then yesterday Ted looked up and found a lone escapee who somehow got halfway across the gazebo and up to its ceiling!

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