Friday, October 7, 2016

Magnificent Maine In Autumn…But A Very Bad Souvenir

Hiking and camping at Acadia National Park this fall was full of incredible views and scenery. A wide range of natural ecosystems…alpine, marine, wetland, mudflats, forests - all at their loveliest with wildflowers, fall color, bees and butterflies, seabirds, songbirds (no moose though!)

Toby's a true hiking dog. He climbed 6 of the 7 highest peaks of the park with us. Twice we were in the clouds at the summits. Even better was the reward of almost 360 degree vistas at the end of the other hikes. The mountain trails carried us through the diverse natural beauty listed above.

One morning a a tiny red Maine squirrel entertained us by running back and forth to bury his acorns just feet away while we sipped our coffee. Toby watched intently but didn't try to chase it. Don't think he knew it was a squirrel like the big gray ones at home.

 Naturally we indulged in lobster…three times! A park ranger recommended Thurston's lobster pound, a fun casual spot overlooking the harbor. You just have to eat lobster in Maine!

Southwestern Harbor as seen from Thurston's.

My "souvenir" is a broken elbow. I tripped over a rock in the campsite while carrying a pan of brownies back to the fire at night. We stayed one more day, hoping it was nothing bad. We skipped that 7th peak, Sergeant Mountain, and took a leisurely flat walk beside Hadlock Pond and on the carriage roads instead. 

Hadlock Pond
That evening we had our last lobster dinner. Turns out it's a lot harder to eat it with a busted arm. Ted had to help me open mine :)

Holding the pan with my left hand? yeah should not be doing that.

Since our return it's all been doctors and x-rays. I'm about to go for a C.T. scan but what we know is I have a radial head fracture with damaged ligaments. 

Ironic, right? We spend days safely hiking on granite up mountains and I bust my arm in camp. So expect shorter posts for awhile since I'm not used to hunt and peck typing!

Most trails are marked by these Bates cairns.

Have you been to Acadia? I'd love to hear - Let me know in the comments!


  1. so sad about your arm still - but these photos are beautiful!!!

    1. congrats on your new fur baby!!! Maybe you'll be joining the pet blog universe soon ;)

  2. love the photos but OH NO about your broken elbow!! Hoping it heals soon!

    1. thank you Caren - I'll know tomorrow if it needs surgery.

  3. Poor elbow feel better. I love Maine always have

    1. Thank you! Lucky you to be so much closer than us to Maine!

  4. Oh know Amy....that hurts me just to read it!!!
    I hope it can heal on its own. Madi sends potent healing kitty slobber and I send gentle hugs
    Cecilia and Madi

  5. Lovely pictures of Maine. Toby looks like quite the accomplished hiker. Let's hope he's good at TLC as well :(

  6. So sorry about your broken elbow!! Hope you will feel better soon!!! The pictures are AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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