Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#Wordless Wednesday (almost): Saving Butterflies From Drowning

Thanks to the circulating remnants of a tropical storm that is stalled over us by its collision with a cold front, we have had two solid days of rain and wind.

"I'm not getting a walk today either, am I?"


The timing could not be worse for our monarchs. We moved the aquarium from the safety of the gazebo on Sunday. Shaded and somewhat protected by the vines growing over the pergola, the plan was to unseal and open the lid so butterflies could fly away after hatching. (I need help to move such a large aquarium). 

Instead I'm propping umbrellas over the lid and waking up all night to see if they've blown away. A few times they had. I knew water was getting in through the tiny gaps that let air in but kept caterpillars from escaping.

Growing wings, but not ready to fly away yet.

This morning the water had submerged the lowest chrysalis. The caterpillar had chosen the outside of a little jar, only a few inches above the aquarium floor. I rushed to rescue it, and I think in my haste I knocked a few more off the lid into the water. All of those came inside. 

The loose chrysalises are pinned onto a knife block. Are they all still alive? None have turned black yet so they aren't ready for hatching. Do they sense the inclement weather? Does it affect their metamorphosis? All of these are unknowns.

For now, all I can do is keep the umbrellas over their tiny green homes and hope for the best.

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  1. oh I hope the umbrellas can protect the butterflies... it would be so sad if they had no chance to fly around and to bring joy to the people....

  2. Did I mention how green wiv jellyness I am that you are growing your own Monarch Buttie Pillars?
    Oh and Dad said they are pretty hardy thingys and the chrysalis should be alright, you could even put them in a cardboard box wiv netting on the top
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Oh how cool! I sure hope you can keep them all through the storm and then watch them turn into the beautiful butterflies that they are!

  4. We have our paws crossed they are all safe. We are really enjoying your journey with them!

  5. we hope they all survive - what a wonderful thing to watch

  6. Paws crossed some of them live. Nature is so unfair sometimes!

  7. We are keeping our paws crossed for all!

  8. I feel ya! It's rather damp around here too!

  9. oh i hope the monarchs are okay and the kaleidoscope of butterflies emerge strong and healthy.
    wags, bailey unleashed


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