Monday, November 30, 2015

Chester's Early Christmas - Kong Active Triangle Play Mat from

Longtime readers may be wondering, "Who's Chester?" Chester is my daughter and son-in-law's naughty cat, the perpetual adolescent that mortifies and outrages their other two law-abiding felines. He's perfect for testing out the Kong Active Triangle Play Mat from

Velcro tabs easily convert the flat foldable mat to a triangular tunnel with a catnip mouse dangling at one end.

You can see here the variety of textures - soft and furry, scratchy sisal, and smooth on the outside to clean easily.

From past experience, I know Chester is a hard core catnip addict. That mouse was going to be irresistible, right?

Nope. After several seconds of stiff-legged sniffing Chester rubbed himself on the firm upper angle of the tunnel. Then he ignored the whole thing. We tried to get him interested in the mouse to no avail. (Note to Kong: more catnip in the mouse!) So we provided some homegrown of the good stuff - just to get the ball rolling. That's when Chester and the playmat got interesting.

What's that delicious smell?!

Must… have… catnip...

Here you can see the textures on the inside and how easily the mat unfolds.
Okay, now I'm ready to play!

Chester, having lost his inhibitions like a drunken sailor, began to stalk the mouse through the tunnel.

He liked wedging himself in…

…and peering out at us from his cozy hiding place.
There was fun interactive play as he hunted the mouse from outside the tunnel.

My daughter and I agree that if we had let him spend more time getting used to it, Chester would have enjoyed the Kong Triangle Play Mat without, er, hallucinogenic stimulation. He had a great time with his early Christmas toy.

The Kong Triangle Play Mat is Chester - Approved for all cats. Even the well-behaved ones.

My only quibble was that there needs to be more catnip in the dangling mouse. I assume the catnip is there to help initiate play. If Chester didn't detect any, there should be more in it. Also, Chester is lean and fit easily in the tunnel, but a bigger or fatter cat might not.

But Chester soon had fun playing with the Kong Triangle Play Mat. It's versatile, portable, easily cleaned, and looks so cute. Whether a cat is on your "Nice" or "Naughty" list, this toy would be an ideal present.

You, I mean Santa, can find the Kong Triangle Play Mat on sale at Santa (you) will find lots of other toys and products for all the pets in the family there. There's even free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49. If you haven't already clicked a link, click here to see the Triangle Play Mat at sent me a free Kong Triangle Play Mat to try in return for an honest review. That was my only compensation - well, that, and hearing Chester purr a lot. 


  1. Hehe, a 'hard core catnip addict' just made me laffs sooo much!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Princess Leah, nothing is funnier than watching them get all tipsy on the catnip!

  2. DARN we wish that someone would "Invent" some SQUIRRELnip... We would like to have a go at THAT stuffs...
    Chester DID make it Look SUPER FUN... once he got all Hopped up on Fresh Nip. hehehehe

    1. Yes it's a shame there's no healthy equivalent for dogs :)

  3. It looked small to us, but glad Chester had some fun!

    1. I think they should make it in two sizes, because there are a lot of cats bigger than Chester.

  4. You were right - I was wondering who "Chester" was! He sure is a cutie, and it looked like he had a blast after you added more catnip to the equation!

    1. He's really friendly and such a character. If I was ever to have a cat it would be Chester (we almost did get him after he knocked over their 40-bottle wine rack…)

  5. looks like fun. I love how cats play and hide we have a few of these type teepees in our house
    retro rover

  6. MOL MOL MOL Chester you are a fine looking orange man cat. My human sis has an orange cat, Frisco, and he is a love bug and would love playing too. Perpetual adolescent is a purrfect description. WTG working out with the new Chewy trial. It passed I assume
    Hugs madi your bfff


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