Wednesday, November 18, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life: "Fall" and "Thankful"

The calendar says it is Fall in Virginia. 
The garden says otherwise.

The scarlet sage is a big draw for hummingbirds - which have now migrated south for the winter.

Its bright red flowers make a nice contrast to the brown fallen leaves.  But like the sage, many of the trees are still green, or in the early stages of changing. 

And during this little photo shoot, Toby's nose was twitching as he obediently held his "stay" pose. The rain earlier must have released some good scents that I couldn't detect.

 I love this shot of his crooked nose. He's gazing right at me as I asked,  but he can't control the urge to sniff the autumn air!

And looking behind Toby, you can see that our azaleas are in bloom. Despite the dead leaves and pine straw this could almost be mistaken for a photo taken in the spring.
Even the summer annuals I planted back in May are still blooming! I'm thankful for the color at what is usually a dreary time of year, but it's a little alarming too. Much as I dread winter, it's crucial to the natural cycle of the plants and animals in this part of the world. With daffodils blooming in late January, winter will be strangely brief this year. 

I had fun editing this photo with the retouch feature. Doesn't Toby look regal? He's matured and it shows in his eyes, though he still has a puppyish face sometimes. We're thankful for:

  •  his eagerness to get outside with us
  • the way he snuggles up to Ted in the evening
  • that he gets along with other dogs so well
  • his big bark that makes me feel safe
  • his soft, shiny coat
  • that he's not fat anymore 
  • all the unconditional love and loyalty Toby gives us so freely.
52 Snapshots of Life is a fun photo challenge for 2015 hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull. Join in and check out all the posts on each weekly theme!


  1. all those colors make for the perfect photo background

  2. What great photos! Toby you look pawsome, very handsome
    Our garden looks very different, just the odd leaf hanging on in the face of the high winds and rain we are having
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Great captures. Our flowers were a bit confused until the frost started in.

  4. I can't believe that your azaleas are blooming! We had three months without rain so most of our flowers gave up on blooming. Toby looks very regal. ☺

  5. Those are great photos. You definitely have warmer weather than we do in Massachusetts.

  6. The colours are so beautiful. Our colours are gone. Winter will be here soon and will be long!

  7. What glorious colors! Thank you for sharing. We've got the winter black and white (mostly white) world now so your photos made me smile despite the oddness of the flowers blooming now. And Toby looks fabulous. I always chuckle when a dog's nose is sniffing while he obediently looks at you :)


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