Thursday, June 25, 2015

Open Wide And Say "YUM" : Toby's Review For Thoughtless Thursday

Before Toby takes over, I'd like to acknowledge Dick Van Patten, the founder of Natural Balance. He passed away June 23 at the age of 86. Under his guidance Natural Balance supports Guide Dogs for the blind and animal shelters. Every bag says "Help me help animals" right above Dick Van Patten's signature. He was a true friend to people and animals alike.

Hello, everyone! Toby here - I usually let Mom do all the blog work while I nap (aren't I clever!) but today I'm taking over. Frankly, her human senses aren't competent to write today's review of Natural Balance Pumpkin and Chicken with Papaya treats. These are not your every day boring old biscuits.

Some culinary genius thought of putting these 3 ingredients together! There are other healthy ingredients like parsley and alfalfa though - does my breath stink...?
What's that heavenly odor?

From the moment the package from got here, even before the brown envelope came off, I knew something sublime was inside. And from the way Mom wrinkled her nose and said "Ew" when she sniffed inside the bag, I knew they were all for me!

Let's not waste time. Just give me the whole bag.

Yep, these treats are almost as good to smell as they are to eat (did I say that out loud?). And the texture when you chew is downright meaty, not crunchy like my other treats. Every morning I did my little happy dance in front of the pantry, waiting to "brush my teeth". I like my ordinary treats - but I don't dance for them. 

Then, today, Mom pulled out the camera and the LAST ONE! I whined and begged while she fiddled around taking pictures of my treat. I smiled my best smile but to no avail. I remembered the camera and struck a pose.  

Aren't I a good boy?!

My butt couldn't hit the ground fast enough. For some reason Mom laughed at me.

"Gimme a PUMPKIN! Gimme a CHICKEN! Gimme PAPAYA! What's that spell?! YUM!
I was too excited about my treat to care.
Finally - my reward! Oh yumminess!

Thank you for sending me these wonderful chews. Mom says they are good for me. 
Like I care. 

Trust me, if you're a dog, you need to brush with these.
Mom also wants you to know this is my honest opinion, and no one paid us to say this. sent us a bag of  Natural Balance Pumpkin, Chicken, and Papaya treats to try in return for a sincere review. Because we think you might like to know about them.

There is one negative: the bag is now empty. Ahem.

I sincerely hope Mom - and you - click this link and order some of these delicious treats from

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  1. I don't know why, and don't shoot me, but when I saw the bag, I initially thought one ingredient was Chipmunk. Who on earth is farming Chipmunks?!? Now that I know that's not an ingredient, these look pretty yummy. My bad.

  2. Hmmm Shiner has never tried papaya before, but according to your review Toby I think she'd like these! I hadn't heard that he passed away yet :( How sad.

  3. Pawfect pose, certainly deserved one of those yummy treats!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. OMD OMD TOBY..... you are SOOOOOO right about these... they are DELIGHTFUL.... and isn't FABULOUS.... they have the Bestest stuffs imaginable. A One Stop Shop... for ALL of our WANTS and grrrrreat prices and OH THE FAST DELIVERY... Right to our door...

  5. This is always a good way to sneak some veggies past Nicky!

  6. We were very sad to hear about Dick Van Patten. : ( We are big fans of the Natural Balance Dental Chews. I never understand how the bags get emptied so fast...Your pal, Bentley

  7. What wonderful photos of you, Toby!!! You look SO happy!

    I'm afraid we have a bone to pick with Natural Balance but we'll keep our mouths shut right now and just focus on the happy Toby photos!


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