Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday: A New Wild, Renewed Hope

Did you watch the season premiere of Earth: A New Wild, with Dr. M. Sanjayan, on PBS last night?

Photo Credit: PBS
If you didn't, go program your DVR to record it right away (if you saw it, I'll bet you already did). 

We couldn't stay up  until 11 PM, so we'll be watching the rest of the premiere tonight. Ted and I share a love of wilderness and wildlife. We frequently watch nature programming (well, after football season that is). But if I'm honest, it's not as enjoyable as it used to be. It makes me sad to contemplate the loss of wild places and the species that make the ecosystems whole. Witnessing how much has been lost, and how much is still being lost, leaves me with a lead weight of grief in the pit of my stomach.

Photo Credit: PBS/ AMI VITALE

That's why I'm so excited by this new series. It's giving me real hope that humans can learn to coexist with wildlife. 

The story of the tree corridors that villagers are building with support from Jane Goodall, so the chimpanzees of Gombe can connect with other chimp populations, shows how a solution to habitat islands can come to fruition. 

Photo Credit: #30 FOR WILDLIFE

When the people of India ban a poison that has killed 90% of the vultures there, they illustrate how research can bring species back from the brink. 

And thrillingly, the people of Austin, Texas, gather to watch 1.5 million bats that they formerly wished to exterminate as the mammals swoop into the twilight on their nightly rounds, consuming 30,000 pounds of insects each night - a vivid demonstration of the power of ecology education. 

The whole series will focus on a new vision for wilderness based on humans recognizing our dependence on nature. From rewilding pandas to tolerating tigers, people all over the globe - poor or rich, urban or rural, PhD's or lacking formal education - are taking actions to preserve as much of the natural world as possible. 

Photo Credit: PBS

Hope is powerful. That's why I want to share about this new series and I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as me.

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  1. We must go and check it out. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We've not seen this, will get the peeps to find out how we can watch this
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That TV show looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy and Toby thank you for the heads up!! Mom will check our PBS right now.
    Great post
    Hugs madi and mom your bfffs

  5. it sounds like a wonderful show - for me David Attenborough has always been my hero and the father of all such shows

  6. I saw this show on our schedule but didn't watch it. I think I need to set the DVR as suggested!

  7. This show sounds great, particularly the part with the bats! I love bats, after dogs and cats they are my favorite animals

    retro rover

  8. I will have to scroll around and try to find it. ☺

  9. I'm not much for TV (I'm a bookworm!), but this sounds good!


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