Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Isn't It A Rule?


I thought it was a rule.
In a blizzard you cancel school.
Ice, on roads frozen,
Means buses ain't runnin'.
The school district looks like a fool.

We're glad all the students are warm.
Teachers: KUDOS! You kept them from harm.
But bureaucrats: if snow's a scarcity - 
err on acting with alacrity!
The forecast ain't always a false alarm.

Things happen, we all know it's so.
Hindsight is perfect, we know.
But when it's your call
And you completely drop the ball
It's kids who are stranded in the snow.

19 Action News WOIO 


  1. That is a great poem!!!! I'm sorry about the stranded kids... I hope they're all home by now.

  2. Us too. The weather is really awful for you all. Stay safe and warm. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Ahhhh, after hearing all the news, thinking here is the Weather people did not predict this, and when it hit business and schools were are ready in session, is was to be light flurries only. Just like here they are overpaid for the lousy job they do. We just walk out and look at the western sky, get it right more then they do.

    The Mad Scots


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