Friday, March 1, 2013

Open Letter Campaign - Dear Jazzercise

Dear Jazzercise,

How often I mentally thank you, Jazzercise, for what you have done for me in the last few years!

Because of you I have a resting heart rate in the 60 bpm range. I never have "episodes" with my mitral valve prolapse anymore. I can spend 4 hours a day underwater at my favorite sport. My weight has stabilized at a set point after you helped me lose 10 pounds. I don't need blood pressure medicine or cholesterol pills (yet, anyway).

Because of you I don't dread working out - it's only going to take an hour, period. Workouts are fun and a 5 minute drive away. I have nice middle-aged Jazzercise friends who ask about my life and share about theirs (this is why we come to class a little early). I have a chance to laugh about the crazy stuff our husbands do and the wacky things our coworkers/bosses/kids say.

Because of you I know who Shakira and Pit Bull are. Christina Aguilera and Justin Bieber are not a mystery (on second thought...maybe I could do without that one). When I pick up People magazine I actually know who some of those celebrities are. I know the difference between the cha-cha and the mambo.
Full Disclosure - Nobody I know looks like this during a workout!!!

Because of you I don't feel 55 years old.

Someone said, "if exercise was a pill, everyone would take it".

Thank you, Jazzercise, for making the medicine go down a lot easier.


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  1. * grin* I like the way you think!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence aboutt taking the therapy dog test, too!

    1. Thanks and you are welcome, I'm looking forward to the big announcement that you are certified!

  2. I've never gotten into Jazzercise, sadly, but finding aerobics years ago has given me a better life. (Although my classes are not quite as into celebrities as I might like. My kids think I am pathetic from my lack of who's who.)

    1. Oh well, our kids always find some reason to think we're pathetic :) I did step aerobics for a few years back in my 20's and loved it for most of the same reasons I like Jazzercise -

  3. haha This is great!!! Jazzercise is fun - I think I'm going to try Zumba with Anna next week. :) I also really love the cycling classes at the YMCA but they're HARD!!

    1. I've tried Zumba once and it was a tough workout. I would miss not having the weights component though. It is excellent for cardio.

  4. I used to LOVE Jazzercise!! That was my
    "go to" in my 20s (I am also in my 50s)...can no longer do it due to chronic kidney stones.....if I did I would have an attack every day!

    1. Good gracious, stay away from J. for sure! Everyone is different and it's just important to find the right fit. Walking 30 min. a day is supposed to be very effective at keeping the doctor away. I'm sorry, I've heard that kidney stones are the very worst kind of painful so I hope you don't get them anymore.


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