Friday, March 29, 2013

Gone Camping

Yay! It's time for the first camping trip of the year! We're headed to North Carolina for the weekend.
Toby's been getting ready since St. Patrick's Day by wearing his hiking panniers on some of his walks.

Lots of us pet bloggers are crafty - or like handmade crafts. So I'm leaving you with a little treat - the Find Friends linkup at one of my new favorite blogs, Sew Many Ways. Just click on the badge:

Like Toby at a new State Park, go exploring! Who knows, you may find a new favorite blog too. 

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. We're jealous! Camping! North Carolina! Wait for us! :-) Hope you have a barking good trip!

  2. He is so cute with his bag! I cannot wait for the snow to melt and take my little beauty for long walks in the forrest :)

  3. Oh, we will be going camping in a few weeks. Heading to a State Park in Ocala, FL which is part of the FL Canoe Trail. I can't wait! Have a great adventure!!!!
    *high paws*

  4. Hope you have fun camping! You sure look ready to go! Thanks for sharing the button too...I wish I knew how to sew or better yet had the patience I know that you need to sew too ;)

  5. It's still too cold here for camping, but hiking is definitely in the near future! I hope you and Toby have a great time on the trail!

  6. well don't you look handsome with your panniers. do you carry your munchies in there?
    have fun on your trip!
    wags, bailey


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