Thursday, May 3, 2018

What If Christmas Arrived Once A Month?

It does - for Toby!

"Santa Paws" signed him up to get a BarkBox every month. It's a pretty great day when the BarkBox shows up at the door. Every month has a theme. For April, the theme was PIRATES. Toys and treats were included…and a pirate bandana just for the fun of it!


And since Toby is in the Extra Toy Club, he had a toy to share with his best pal, Vela!

We saved "Bob in a Barrel", far right, for Vela.

Hey, ho! The pirate life is the life for me!
He gets lots of treats in each box too, so a bag of those went to Trudie, our grandchildren's pooch.

Never had this before, but it's good.

If you are thinking about trying a BarkBox for your furry friend, you can click here for my referral link. Toby and I would love to hear from you if you decide to give it a try...

What will this month's theme be?!


  1. that is a super idea and you found the way to celebrate that days of the days efurry month!!! we love the pirate equipment!!!... and merry christmess to youuuu!

  2. Such a fun bunch of goodies! I'm all for the monthly Christmas thing!!!

  3. You are a very lucky dog, Toby! That looks like such a delicious and fun box!!!!

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