Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Super Snack Sticks From Chewy.com

Toby loves snack sticks. We agree, they are great  because you can break off the right size for a training treat, and they smell downright intoxicating to Toby. But the brand we've always bought are not very healthy. Basically, they are a Slim Jim with some propylene glycol added.   

So I was happy to try out Newman's Own Hip & Joint Snack Sticks from Chewy.com

We compared labels and found that the Newman's Own beat our old brand hands down for healthy ingredients. An unexpected bonus is the cheeky review, on the back, of Paul Newman's dog's tell-all memoir.

I use a lot of Newman's Own products. Their dark chocolate is Rainforest Action Network approved, their spaghetti sauce tastes great, and all the profits go to charity. I expected Toby to love the chicken flavor - he wasn't disappointed. 

The photo shoot was fun, doing a riff on the glucosamine/chondroitin for joint health. Toby's pretty active. We want it to stay that way. There's only a little of the supplements in these snacks, but they can't hurt! He's happy to impersonate Superman to get these treats as a reward.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Can leap tall tables at a single bound!
You can try some Newman's Own Snack Sticks for your pet by visiting Chewy.com here. In fact, I just ordered three more bags - they are economically priced and much better for him than the 'pepperoni' treats. 

 Chewy.com will have them on our doorstep in just a couple of days. Chewy.com is known for their terrific customer service. If you need staples regularly, choose to autoship for a 20% discount on your first order - or get free shipping if you spend over $49. 

 Terra Toby recommends Chewy.com and hopes telling readers about them and some of their products is helpful.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by Chewy.com in return for an honest review, but they did send me a free bag of treats to review.


  1. I take a supplement fur MY joints and think it really HELPS to keep me Diggin like a Young Dachshund. SO it is good to know that there is Another Brand that would do the same good thingys. AND it can EASILY and QUICKLY received when ordered from CHEWY.COM.

    1. It's interesting to me that veterinarians recommend this supplement but human doctors are quick to say it's useless. Regardless, you're so right about Chewy.com!

  2. We tried a different variety of these and loved them too. You sure looked like a super dog in your pictures. BOL!

    1. I ordered other varieties of the same brand because these were sold out at Chewy! But of course they had other flavors available to try :)

  3. oh that sounds as if you got some magic sticks... I will note them on my wishlist asap...

  4. Propylene glycol in your old kind? Isn't that poisonous? I'm so glad you tried this new kind. They sound great.

    And those photos of Toby are truly fabulous. He looks so happy, young, fast, and HAPPY (I know that I repeated it). Those treats must be super good!

    1. I tried to do some quick research on propylene glycol because I wanted to provide a factual link, but studies appear to have mixed results and not much seems known about safety on this substance. Still, any chemical needs to have a darn good reason to be in food and I couldn't find a single one for this chemical. As for Toby, he's 6 now but we still get asked all the time if he's a puppy!


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