Thursday, February 9, 2017

Done With Dining Room, Dog Likes It

January's project was a dining room makeover. We finished it today (except replacing the carpet - that will probably be this summer). 

We had hideous old wallpaper that I never liked but knew we had to live with for awhile (never thought it would be 18 years though!). Little pink and blue roses. 

I made curtains that seemed fancy and cool then, but made the room dark and seemed odd now. 

 I'm excited to have an updated, bright, and modern looking dining room now!

Keeping watch for the evil UPS driver is easier for Toby now.

New grey toned paint from plaster ceiling to floor molding covers the old stained wood. And there's a new chandelier - no more brown glass!

Another view of the new drapes. Doesn't the crown molding above them look pretty now?

The dining set belonged to Ted's Pap and Grammie Shaffer. It's small, but solid walnut. These chairs have had several covers over the years but I think these might be my favorite.

I just winged it to make the tiebacks, but they came out fine.
So even though our project took more than a month, the extra time was worth it.

Great! Now you'll have time to take more walks with me! - Toby


  1. well done!!!! I wish our diy projects would look like yours... only one time... that would be like a miracle LOL

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