Friday, December 9, 2016

Seeing Beautiful: Sending Love Right Away

When I saw Sugar's post today, I thought of a little slide show I made for myself earlier this year. Another awful tragedy had happened. I felt that love really is in need of love today. 

Love - within families, across oceans, across years; between kids and puppies, brothers and sisters, old people and young ones; amid cousins and friends. I tried to find examples of lots of ways love shines out.

So I'm sharing my little slideshow. Enjoy Stevie Wonder's reminder that when hate grows strong,  your love needs sent in right away. Keep seeing beautiful, friends.


  1. you're right... love is the only thing what's stronger than any weapon... and it's everywhere when we give love a chance..

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  3. We really loved your slideshow! Such an important message in today's world! Happy Seeing Beautiful!


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