Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black and White Sunday: Spooktacular Yard

One of the neighbors has a yardful of inflatable giant Halloween decorations. It stands out in the neighborhood this year. Overall decorations have been relatively subdued. 

Maybe the campaign signs are scary enough by themselves!

Anyway, Toby got a little spooked walking by. 

Hackles Up

You can't trust the pumpkin family - what are they grinning about?

And then there's a TERRIFYING giant crouching cat. Its head swivels menacingly - very lifelike. I was just able to get this photo before Toby leaped away, barking and whimpering to escape!


  1. We are glad we are in the country with no decorations. Those are too scary!

  2. We have some decorations, but we are lucky not to have any inflatable cats nearby!!

  3. the mama would love to have such fab decoration pieces... but inflatable is not the best pick with a weimaraner in da house :o)

  4. Only one house is decorated for Halloween in our neighborhood. It's quite boring this year

  5. we took the dogs for a walk this weekend in a big state park here and in the historic cemetery they had a big coffin display that scared th4e bejesus out of our bob

  6. Cool decoration...but I guess Toby doesn't think so ;)


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