Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zogoflex Toppl: Cool New Toy From!

With the Heat Dome last week (RealFeel 116, anyone?!), alternating with storms, we spent every day trapped inside (mostly). It was boring. It made me long for the good old days of the Polar Vortex.

But it gave me a chance to use our new treat delivery toy from to break the ennui for Toby.  This month we're reviewing the Zogoflex Toppl from West Paw Design.  This nifty toy comes in two sizes, small and large. We tried the large one, but now I want to get a small one too. More about that in a bit.

The outside is a cup with a small hole in one side. The material is recyclable, free of those nasty BPA's and phthalates that we all know to avoid, and FDA compliant (safe for food consumption). It's so easy to clean too (unlike his Kong toy). Toby is a strong chewer, and the Toppl stood up to his teeth. 

The Toppl is designed to wobble for extra fun. I think that would work out great for most dogs, but Toby is dead serious about treats and cleverly uses his paws to keep the toy still. If your dog likes water play, the Toppl floats too.

Doesn't this look yummy? 

The real fun is on the inside, where ridges and little flexible nubs are perfect to hide peanut butter, wedge in long treats, or seal in kibble.

 Try freezing vegetable broth with cut up carrots (plug the hole with peanut butter) for a long-lasting frozen treat. Coconut water or watermelon juice would also be fantastic. 

I will be buying the small Toppl soon. See, you can interlock the two Toppls to create a NEW toy. Kibble or little treats roll out of the holes while your dog plays with it.  I'm eager to try that one on Toby!

Photo Credit: West Paw Design

Check out the Zogoflex Toppl at It's on sale now, and I'm sure your dog would love it. And if you spend $49 or more,  your 1-2 day shipping is free. (It would be easy to stock up on everything your pets need in one online trip!). sent me a free Zogoflex Toppl in return for an honest review, and I wasn't compensated in any other way. I hope readers of Terra Toby benefit (as I do) from hearing about new products for their pets as well as - a convenient, fast, affordable online resource for your pet supplies.


  1. Oh they do make some durable toys... some of the only ones that are indestructible to Shiner. Haven't seen this one yet but it looks fun!

  2. Oh wow! That looks like a fun toy...and it holds deliciousness inside. I may have to beg for one for myself.

  3. We have this but i think it got lost

  4. MOL Toby I need to hide mom's peanut butter in one of those things.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. That sounds like a GREAT toy! Those kongs are very hard to clean.


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