Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thoughtless Thursday: Eventful!

June has been quite an eventful month. 

It began with our granddaughter having surgery near us. Since her family lives a few hours away, they came to stay with us for awhile until her post-op check. She's healing very well and soon will be "all better"!

She returned mid-month with her mommy to visit the surgeon again and verify that all is well. It was a quick but fun visit.

The Saturday before Father's Day, Ted took Toby for a nice long morning walk. When they turned the corner onto our street they encountered a neighbor dog being walked by the owner's girlfriend. Toby and this dog have played together in the back yard a few times, so Ted had no hesitation in letting them sniff and say hello. Out of the blue, the other dog attacked by grabbing Toby by the neck and flipping him on his back. Toby stayed in the submissive posture while Ted fought to get the other dog off of him. Fortunately Ted wasn't bitten - just lots of abrasions, claw marks, and bruises from fighting on the street. Toby wasn't so lucky and had to be sedated at the vet and given staples in the three worst bites. I think he's even more miserable about the cone of shame than he is about the initial injury though.

Later that day our eldest daughter and son-in-law came over for a Father's Day get together. They brought Vela, but Toby took it easy of course. Vela didn't seem to mind playing with all of his toys!

Oh the exasperation! Will my brother never get into the right pose and smile???
Toby has to stretch to give kisses!
And now our grandchildren are staying with his because their mother had major surgery this week. Tomorrow I'll be driving them home, then I'll stay to help out at their house. We've had a fun week! Grandparenting is a blast - and tiring for us old folks. Ted and I tag-teamed short naps yesterday!

"With my royal magic, I hereby make you - "

"Luke Skywalker!"
So today I'll write a couple of posts and schedule them for next week but otherwise it's going to continue to be pretty quiet at Terra Toby. I hope everyone can understand and be patient with my lack of time to visit other blogs right now. In a couple of weeks our routine should be back to normal :) Till then, have fun at BlogPaws or on your vacation or just enjoy summer at home, and take care!
Amy and Toby


  1. Poor Toby - hope he heals up soon!

    1. Thank you! Ted said yesterday that he still has to eat the cone because he opened one of his wounds:( but otherwise fine


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