Saturday, December 5, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life: "Passion"

def. passion: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement about doing or for doing something.

Well, that's one definition of "passion". Most people have at least one thing they're passionate about doing. In no particular order, here are some of mine (with old photos):

1. Spending time with my family.

2. Reading.
3. Learning to paint.

4. Scuba diving.

5. Camping/hiking.

Now I will need to add photography to the list because - *drumroll* - I just got a new camera as a birthday+Christmas gift! It's a Canon Rebel Ti6. It's a big step up from my little point and shoot. 

But the emotion I currently feel for it is not passion but fear. I'm really, really afraid that I'll never learn to use it, or I'll break it first. This must be the way some people feel when confronted with learning to use a computer or email for the first time.

However there is always the Auto+ Setting! Thank goodness. So I finally started taking pictures. Here are a few of the first ones:

Also I sit in front of the computer looking at the PDF of the manual, holding the camera, and page by page working through the instructions. It's just so overwhelming! All the little buttons that must be pushed in the right order! 

Still…these first shots look sharper and brighter. That's encouraging. Hopefully taking photos at Ted's birthday dinner tonight will give me confidence. Hopefully soon fear will turn to enthusiasm, excitement, "passion" for photography.


  1. from the looks of these photos, it appears that you have NOTHING to be worried about! You will have it down in no time! These came out great! BTW love your list of passions!!


  2. Those first shots are FABULOUS!!!! When I first got a DSLR, I used auto settings a lot. Then, I'd look at what settings the camera had chosen, and I'd dial them in manual mode. For me, the "ah ha" part was when I started changing one of those auto-chosen settings at a time to see the effect. Wow!

    I can tell you're going to have tons of fun with your new camera!

  3. Those pics look great! We have a camera that’s one step down from a DSLR and TW still hasn’t learned to use it. She used to use an analog SLR camera but the only setting she can use on the “new” one is Auto. I say “new’ cos she’s had it about 4 years.

  4. your photos are great! I love the effects of the sun and the shadows :o)


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