Thursday, September 10, 2015

Six Ways To Love Technology: 52 Snapshots of Life

Lots of people claim to have a love-hate relationship with technology. I mostly love it! Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

Be right with you. I just got a new Facebook message and 10 new emails. Plus, my phone isn't charged.

1) I don't get lost anymore. Thanks to GPS on my smartphone, I can even be routed around accidents and backups. For someone as easily lost as me, this is a Really Big Deal.

2) I can take many bad photos for free, and even salvage some. Remember the bad old days, when you bought film in 24 or 36 exposure increments and paid several dollars for the developing, only to find your photos were blurry and under/overexposed? If that was before your time, to know what's up with that take a cheap camera, shoot 24 shots (no retakes or edits!), take a look and imagine buying them for $10. Nope, never doing that again.

3) I can learn to do almost anything without leaving home. Lately that means art tutorials. Last year it was Spanish. Honestly, I'd prefer a class with a live teacher and classmates, but when that isn't possible, online learning in pajamas is pretty awesome.

4) I can shop for just about anything in the global marketplace. I wanted to buy a rug yesterday. It was an unusual item in that I needed to see it in person. The afternoon was spent at six different stores. There was also the driving from store to store. I finally found a rug…but I hope I don't have to do that again soon. 

5) I feel connected with friends, family, and world events. Blogging is a nice outlet for sharing thoughts and seeing what blogging friends are up to. Facebook can be fun for seeing photos of milestones and seeing which issues are important to friends there. News can be accessed in real time. 

6) I can unplug if I need/want to. Sometimes the pressure to keep up online can feel relentless and spoil the fun. When that happens, it's simple to fix - just get up from the technology and do something else for an hour, a day, a week…however long it takes to get refreshed. Nature works wonders for that! 

The Lazy Pit Bull says this about the 52 Snapshots challenge: 
52 Snapshots of Life is a fun weekly photo challenge, but
 isn’t just for pet bloggers! It’s for anyone who loves to take 
photos, and everyone is invited to participate! Simply snap a 
photo based on the current week’s theme (shown in the 
image above), and then share your photo in a blog post, on 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you like. It’s so
 much fun seeing what everyone comes up with for each 
week’s theme, and it’s never too late to join us!


  1. Nice use of technology. Thank you for vour kind words for my Lucy.

    1. My heart goes out to you. I hope knowing so many share your grief can somewhat lighten your burden right now. It's a terrible hurt that all of us who love animals share.

  2. we love it all the time - except when it doesn't work :)

    1. Oh, absolutely! When it doesn't work it's maddening!

  3. those are great reasons to love technology and we would have to agree!

    1. Yes I probably could have thought of at least six more for an even dozen (Skype when you have a kid living overseas for example) but honestly I was too lazy to keep going :D

  4. Technology is great for bringing the world together. It’s also great for making blurry photos into works of art.

  5. great post! i agree with all point. i also love that i'm not tied down to the desktop in my office anymore. i can take my laptop out to my backyard and sit in the fresh air with bailey.
    wags, bailey unleashed


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