Sunday, August 30, 2015

Selfie Sunday: The #TigerSelfie App for Big Cat Rescue

It's not every day that you're taking a selfie in the jungle with your dog and a tiger steps into the photo!

This app is huge fun! Here's the link to the App Store: The Tiger Selfie app only costs 99 cents. It's fun and easy to put guilt-free tigers into your selfie. I challenge you to try it out (the developer has committed half the proceeds to tiger sanctuaries).

If you visit Terra Toby on Instagram using the link in the sidebar you can see a bonus selfie Toby took with some real cuties.

By now you probably have noticed that it's a 12 second video, not a photo. That's the part where you help spread the word that posing with tiger or lion cubs is NOT okay. The fate of those little ones when they grow is not good. They're too expensive to feed so they are sold off to roadside zoos or canned hunts. And the breeder cats suffer a fate similar to the dogs in puppy mills. After all, you must have an ongoing supply of cubs if you're in the business of selling encounters with baby tigers and lions. 

Download the app and use the hashtag #TigerSelfie so Big Cat Rescue can see your results. (I also used #BigCatRescue). Leave a comment that you took a #TigerSelfie so I can look for your fun photo. 

Then challenge YOUR friends to join you.

The Sunday Selfie blog hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head.


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