Friday, May 8, 2015

Seeing Beautiful: Right Around The Corner

Wherever you go you can find beauty. Sometimes it is easy to see right out in the open. Other times you may have to search deeper. Sometimes you just have to turn the next corner, believing there is beauty waiting for you there.

Turning a corner on our walk today Toby and I discovered a garden that was beautified into a tribute for Mother's Day.

 Little cheeping noises at the corner of the deck...

give away the presence of a hidden nest in the bush holding beautiful baby cardinals.

And whether snoozing or just relaxing, Toby has a favorite corner conveniently located between the kitchen and the front door. It's a daily dose of beauty to come around the corner and be greeted by him.

Today is {This Moment} See Beautiful Friday, hosted by Sugar of Golden Woofs. Share some of your beauty today!


  1. What a beautiful display of garden flags!The Baby birdies are so sweet..
    BUT sweetest of all is that handsome Toby!! Kitty kisses coming your way my friend
    hugs madi your bfff

  2. you are so right! These are ALL beautiful and they are right in your own back yard!

  3. cardinals. What lovely moments of beauty!!!

  4. Lovely! Great post. Those baby birds! So sweet! And that Toby - what a face! (But darn it - I keep forgetting the See Beautiful hop! Hopefully next month I'll remember!)

  5. How cool to find that nest. I found one in the eaves of our garage the other day - trying to figure out how to get a good picture of it.


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