Sunday, January 4, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life}: New

There's a fun photo challenge for 2015! It's called {52 Snapshots of Life} and it's the brainchild of the folks at The Lazy Pit Bull. Every week there will be a one-word prompt and participants shoot their pics and link up. (It's open to everyone, not just pet bloggers.)

So what's NEW at Terra Toby?

We're converting a bedroom into a craft/art room for me. This is something I've wanted for a long time!

I was the lucky winner of a 2015 calendar featuring Shyla and R, and the fabulous photography of KB Bear's blog. It's perfect for bringing inspiration to my new room. Thank you, KB Bear!

Toby has a new collar from Defenders of Wildlife. The little paw prints are just like the ones on the Terra Toby blog header.
It's a sturdy collar and a good fit. Black to match Toby's nose and mustache!

Lots of NEW to be excited about as 2015 begins - and soon a NEW watermark, some NEW blog pages, and a NEW weekly feature. 


  1. All that new is a fabulous way to begin the new year! Congrats on your win and all your fabulous newness- I look forward to more snapshots and more new!

  2. Oooo nice! I wish I had a room like that... I like being crafty but that stuff really does take up more room than one might think. Happy New Year!

  3. Very Nice new coller Toby, and a Calender Picture also, WOW
    Hey don't forget the Mayor Doods Inauguration is Friday and the Choir is Singing, be sure and listen to the song, you can sure hear the percussion department

    The Mad Scots
    Choir Director Susie

  4. Lots of new stuff for a new year. Love the collar!

  5. Love the new collar, and a craft room too! Love Dolly

  6. Lots of NEW going on in your world!

  7. Oooooohhhhh, a new craft room! Exciting! You're a gorgeous model and showed off your new collar very well.

  8. That's a fabulous new room and a handsome new collar! I'm glad you like the calendar.

  9. HI TOBY..... Welcome to BLOGVILLE... WE are so very much happy to meet you...
    You are Welcome and Wanted to attend ALL of the Blogville Events... Feel Free to Jump in with all four feets.
    Love your new Collar and the Calendar.

  10. Mom loves your craft room. She kinda has one combined with the office BUT there is carpet in here and she always worries about dropping pins etch.

    Oh be sure to show us how Chester's activity glove looks. My glove was purchased as a complete toy. It has extra long finger sections which is good sometimes I get a little bitey with it. Maybe you can buy a extra large glove for your daughter to use.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. Lovely photos! Lots of fun new things! How fab to have a crafting/art room! We do all our "forced crafting" at the dining room table. Not ideal, but we make it work!

  12. Wow, lots of new stuff going on over there Toby! Happy New Year.

  13. OMD! An entire room for crafting! absolute heaven! We are looking for a new house and a room for blogging and photography is one of the goals! I love yours!

  14. What a pretty new collar! Thanks for joining us for the photo challenge this year! :)


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