Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We've Been Missing (In Action)

Toby and I have been on the go lately!

Oh boy, I didn't mean to take a blogger break over the holidays, but it happened. Toby's not the only one on the run lately! Besides that, I just couldn't get my act together to post something with any of my devices.

Computer: Our granddaughter's sleeping apparatus was set up in the computer room during their one week visit. When our little Princess was awake, my attention was on her and her brother. When she was asleep the computer was off limits, lest Her Majesty's slumber be disturbed. 

IPad: It's cumbersome to take photos with and was in use for side-by-side game play with my grandson (Minion Rush, by the way). He loves playing on his iPad while I sit beside him on mine, mostly so he can reach over and kill my avatar at will. (Wish I could bottle his glee when it goes smash.) I hate blogging with it because it's hard to write text (no separate keyboard and I can't swipe text like on my phone). 

Smartphone: Texting is easy. Photos are easy. But I've never tried to use Blogger from my phone and the past week wasn't the time to try it out. Too much risk of frustration and anger! 
       It usually wasn't charged anyway, much to my children's amusement. Sorry, Instagram followers.

Camera: This is usually what I use for blog photos. Saturday I pocketed it in my jacket as we left for Amber's house. Then I left my jacket there. Soooo- no camera until this afternoon when I'll pick Toby up from Doggie Day Care. 

 I'm sorry that Toby and I haven't been posting lately - but the break, though accidental, was really pleasant. Tomorrow I'll share Toby's present from Santa Paws. Meanwhile I'll be catching up with all of you.

Have you ever taken an unintended blogger break?


  1. We had a few unintended quiet blogging days!
    Once the festive season gets into full swing there always seems to be so much going on, in a fun way though
    Now its time to take a deep breath before the New Year celebrations take over !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I also didn't mean to take a break but it happened. Sounds like I have the same problem as you. My phone is also almost always dead due to a certain young little one!

  3. Yep...several times....don't worry Blogvilee is still here...you had way much more importnat stuffs..

    we missed also, had guests and the secretaries have been sickie and going on like litte babies!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Nothing wrong with taking time off to spend with your family. Welcome back!


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