Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Who Am I? Dog Edition

It's time for another Who Am I?, this time featuring a canine species. I chose this species in honor of my grandchildren (hint for longtime readers). 
And, this is the most endangered _____ species in the world. 
And it is the only ____ species to be found in Africa.
Photo Credit: Anup Shah/Corbis (via Flickr)

Okay, enough hinting. I invite you to put on your thinking cap, put your guess in the comments, and return for the answer on Friday!
Photo Credit: Martin Harvey/

Photo Credit: Michel Gunther/Biosphoto/ARKive


  1. I'll have to come back Friday to find out.

  2. They sure look like our red foxes but I can tell that they're not, based on your description. I'll have to return on Friday!

  3. They are handsome creatures. To me they resemble wolves but I really have no idea. Be back on Friday!

  4. Good looking and can't wait to find out. Golden Woofs

  5. Boy - I'm stumped. Sure looks like a fox, but obviously that's not the right answer!


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