Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday, Jane Goodall!

Happy 80th Birthday, Dr. Jane Goodall
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Credit: Why Not Girl!
Even as a young girl, she organized a nature club for her friends.
Photo Credit: Hugo Van Lawick
For decades, she courageously observed chimps in their natural African habitat, being the first to show that they were not vegetarians and that they used tools. 
Photo Credit: Ron Henggleler
She founded "Roots and Shoots", an organization that supports youth conservation initiatives and has impacted 150,000 young people in 130 countries.

Awareness Helps Ⓥ AnimalsEarthHealth
She has fearlessly advocated for animals her entire life.
Photo Credit: Stuart Clarke
And she has never despaired of the ability of people to positively change our world.
Photo Credit: The Jane Goodall Institute

"It is easy to be overwhelmed by feelings of

hopelessness as we look around the world. We

are losing species at a terrible rate, the balance of

 nature is disturbed, and we are destroying our

beautiful planet. We have fear about water

supplies, where future energy will come from

– and most recently the developed world has been

 mired in an economic crisis. But in spite of all

this I do have hope. And my hope is based on

four factors.

Click here to see Dr. Goodall's four reasons.

You can watch a 3-minute biography here (unfortunately no embed code is provided):


  1. Happy Birthday to her and it is people like her that make us all the more aware how awesome nature is and how we should respect it. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Most people really do make a difference is some way. Dr. Goodall's difference is much bigger. She's amazing.

  3. Oh wow I guess I didn't know that she was that old. She's definitely someone to look up to!

  4. She has been such a big influence in our world! I read several books by her when I was young and there are so many things about her to be impressed by. The world is a better place for having her in it.

  5. need a few more like her,xx Rachel

  6. Jane Goodall is a major idol of mine. I wanted to be her when I was a child, then I got more into dogs then chimps :) She is so inspirational. She is also incredibly beautiful at 80, you can see wht a kind person she is. I hope she continues to have good health

    retro rover

  7. what an amazing woman! So Hard to believe she is 80!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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