Monday, March 3, 2014

First Ever World Wildlife Day!

Happy World Wildlife Day! 
March 3 is the anniversary of the adoption of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). On December 20, 2013, the U.N. declared March 3 to be World Wildlife Day. 

What is this day all about? According to Ginette Hemley, VP of World Wildlife Fund's Species Conservation Program:

“We live on a planet of splendor and World Wildlife Day gives us the opportunity to pause, reconnect with nature, and recommit ourselves to protecting a future where both humans and wildlife thrive together.”
And the country of Nepal gave the Earth and animal lovers a very special gift. 
Photo Credit: Michel Gunther, World Wildlife Fund
ZERO poaching for an entire year! 

That's right: not one rhino, elephant, or tiger was poached in Nepal during the previous year! 

“Nepal’s year of zero poaching is an example

of what can be achieved when an entire

nation makes stopping wildlife crime a priority

in order to protect its natural heritage,” 

Shubash Lohani, Deputy Director for WWF’s Eastern Himalaya Ecoregion program.

Sooo -  how to celebrate World Wildlife Day? World Wildlife 

Fund is offering free e-cards as a way to spread the word 

about World Wildlife Day. Click here to see the three beautiful 

and informative cards, or to see two alternate suggestions for 

celebrating World Wildlife Day. But here on Terra Toby, I 

would love for all visitors to leave a comment telling me 

which is/are YOUR favorite wild animal(s). 


  1. we didn't know! We tweeted this just now.........I love so many wildlife animals, too many to list! Great post!

  2. This is so wonderful. We are big fans of deer simply because we are surrounded by them at our home. Lovely to hear about the no poaching!

  3. Hi Toby and Mom!!
    What a very educational and interesting post. Blogger has been a real bugger this week. Every day I've had a time leaving comments. It is ok for a hour or so then goes bonkers!! I expec blogger is busy making 'improvements'.

    I can hardly wait until April to visit NC Zoo. We have lots of new exhibits and some baby cougars.

    Of course my favorite wild animals are any kind of cat. I marvel at the likeness my house lioness shares with them. I really love the gracefulness of the giraffe.

    When we went to Alaska I had hopes of seeing orcas in the wild....but we were too early. We did see lots of Dall porpoise on the ship.
    When visiting Denali we saw a big mama Moose and her twins up close.
    That was thrilling.
    Tell Toby we love his blue Wildlife shirt.

    Oh we have a mini event planned for the first day of spring. I will post about it on Monday. Just a fun post request.
    Hugs Madi and Cecilia

  4. PS mol mom said she saw porpoise on the ship...silly mom...she saw them in the water from the ship deck.


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