Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mischief: Following Good Advice

Well, I don't feel like it's mischievous. 
But Toby is giving me the evil eye. Why?

Probably because I just spent 45 minutes following some cool advice from Sugar the Golden Retriever
Do you see my new watermark? 
Did you know I properly renamed this photo of the orangutan couple at the zoo when I uploaded it?

Sugar is posting her knowledge and expertise of copyright protection today. Her tutorial for making a watermark is dead easy, even for a novice like me. If you want to learn more visit Sugar's post by clicking here or on Sugar's name.

P.S. the watermark really ought to be in the bottom corner, but it showed better at the top - I may have to play with it some more... sorry Toby


  1. So glad you found out early on I didn't and my pix kept getting copied. I had to go back and do months and months of blog posts. BOL took forever. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh I will visit Sugar immediately. I'm most too lazy to protect my pictures, but maybe there is an idea how to do it faster and with only a small effort.

  3. Wow I'm impressed. I can't figure out how I make a blog button I've Tried a Zillion times
    Urban hounds

  4. Cool photo and good job with that watermark!

  5. Looks great! I'm going to head over there and figure this out myself! She had great advice over there yesterday, too!

  6. Oh very cool! I'll have to head over. Once upon a time I watermarked all my photos. I edit all my photos on the phone, and there's a great watermark app for it. Quick and simple.

  7. Your picture freaked me out when I saw the thumbnail on Feedly - I couldn't tell what it was, but yikes!

    We plan to follow some of Sugar's advice too.


  8. I figure nobody would want to steal my photos but maybe it isn't a bad idea because I wouldn't want them used for instance on something against our beliefs or products we don't like, etc. - will go check it out.

  9. I followed Sugar's instructions too and loved them. My only problem is that I do most of my editing on (I don't love picmonkey because it is too hard to go from photo to photo, you have to always re-open the website, unless I am doing something wrong). I want Sugar's Mom to go to and tell us how to do it there!

  10. Sugar has put up two great tutorials this week...first the one on colorizing and now this one...She's the best...Thanks for sharing

  11. Great choice of FONT. Love it!!! Golden Happy we can help and share our knowledge of blogging. Any ?'s just free to ask us. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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