Friday, February 8, 2013

See Beautiful - Anticipation

"All mammals and birds are curious about and interested in their surroundings, and they really look forward to good things happening. You can see how much fun the state of anticipation is for an animal anytime you're getting a dog's food ready...Getting-ready-to-eat is always a happy moment in a dog's life." 
Temple Grandin, Animals in Translation


Dr. Grandin calls the part of the brain that is activated by happy anticipation the SEEKING circuit. It is rewarding...and SEEK OUT what is required for survival. This common link to our mammalian relatives, including our dogs, means that we can easily translate and relate to the emotion of anticipation in our furry friends.

What does your pooch anticipate? Walks, treats, brushing, food, car rides, playtime with friends? The SEEKING circuit ensures that the prospect of any of those looks BEAUTIFUL!

What do YOU anticipate? New shoes, travel, a holiday meal, date night, flowers, visits with family? Do you feel pleasure at the prospect of these things? Excitement?


Doggone, don't you just wish you had a tail to wag sometimes???

Whatever activates your SEEKING circuit this weekend, take a moment to notice how much happiness the anticipation brings. (Sometimes it's even more pleasurable than the event itself.) If you don't have any plans to anticipate, plan just ONE small thing. Then, SEE BEAUTIFUL as your happy time approaches!
Happy See Beautiful Friday!


  1. Woof! Woof! LOVE it! Yes anticipation always provides us not only happiness but a BEAUTIFUL lookout of what is expected and/or expected. Happy This Moment See Beautiful Friday. Lots of Golden Thanks for joining our hop. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. Love your idea of a See Beautiful jar. Hope you are feeling better Sugar! Keep warm!

  2. This made me laugh because Dakota knows the name of his fave dog food "Nutrish"...last night when I was putting it in the bowl in the kitchen (actually BEFORE I put it in the bowl...I had just said the word "Nutrish") he started spinning.
    What am I anticipating? Winning the lottery so I may move to Hawaii :)

    1. That's so great! Toby gets excited when he hears the car keys jingle, hoping to get a ride. I wonder if people who live in Hawaii feel like they won the lottery :)

  3. Caren with Cody has said it LOL Hawaii sounds good to me :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    1. Me too! Our visit to Kauai was a dream come true. But Roatan, Honduras is beautiful in a different way. Most of the beauty we'll be looking at next week is underwater :)

  4. There is nothing more exciting than a bowl of kibble!



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