Monday, July 9, 2012

Toby Beats the Heat/Monday Mischief?

Like most of the country, we are sweltering here in Virginia. Toby loves car rides and can't understand why we don't take him to the store with us anymore - but even a few minutes waiting in the car could be deadly. We set a new record high temp. yesterday. 

Toby got his walk early today. We usually walk for a couple of miles. Before we left I finished my coffee while checking on my blog list, and got a great Daily Dog Challenge over at BZ Training. "Take a photo of your dog that makes you happy!" Inspired, I grabbed the point-and-shoot and sneakers while Toby barked and spun in circles with excitement. (btw, how do dogs always know when you're about to take them for a walk?)
"Dont'cha want to try this too?"

Since the earliest puppy days Toby has loved to bite at lawn sprinklers. We don't have ours working but lots of neighbors do, and 6:30 AM is prime time for them to be running. It makes me giggle every time!
So there were LOTS of giggles during the photo ops on our walk today!



A drink and tooth cleaning too!

I just have to smile at this one.

"Wait - there's another sprinkler!"


  1. Hi! We are a new follower via the Monday Mischief Pet Blogger Hop! So nice to meet you! Stop by and follow us back when you get a moment.

  2. Toby your blog is soooooooooooo cute!!!!! OMG!! Love it! This is Dakota's Mom...I have another blog too so that is why you see a different name here!
    Tried to subscribe to you via email (that is the way we prefer to follow, it is MUCH easier!!) But it said you don't have it is on your sidebar and we hope that you will enable it!
    So nice to meet you!

  3. The sprinkler is like a water pick :)Maybe it should become a daily routine.

  4. I bet that sprinkler felt good on a hot day and now mom doesn't have to worry about brushing your teeth. I hope it's a little bit cooler out for you today.

    Take care,


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