Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wish Us Luck!

Tomorrow is the Big Test for Toby to be officially certified as a Therapy Dog. We've been practicing. Today I took him to Home Depot. We walked up and down the garden display next to the parking lot and he was very good. There are going to be 14 dogs at the testing tomorrow. He's solid on everything but "leave it" and loose leash walking (because he wants to go sniff all of the other dogs). The trainer says he'll pass with flying colors - we'll see!
Toby and Mareto having fun with the sprinkler!

I've described before how Toby loves to bite the water coming out of sprinklers. We put a fun one in the yard on Mother's Day for our grandson and Toby went nuts! Soon he was soaked but he had more fun with it than anyone.

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  1. haha he definitely had the most fun!!! Hope Toby passes! I'm sure he'll do great! :)


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