Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not As Predicted

Sorry, this is not the post I promised would be next. However I am afraid that by the time I get Toby's story up to the present day I'll have forgotten this particular incident!

Thursday night (3/22) was our second Rally dog training class (see I really am skipping ahead). We arrived in the enormous industrial space where the class is held, and another student's beagle puppy ran up to me. She jumped to put her paws on my knees... what could I do but pet her and coo at her while holding Toby's leash?

Next thing I hear is a throat clearing (loudly) and the trainer says, "Someone is peeing on my sign!" I look up and  it's Toby! He is spraying away, a nice steady yellow stream.  Is he jealous? Claiming territory? He doesn't even seem ashamed of himself. It wasn't necessity - he had just peed before we went in!

I think my face is still red. Incredibly they are letting us come back to the next class...

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